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Lion King Retreat Rules

  1. Glorify Jesus in ALL you do.

  2. Enjoy yourself and treat others with respect.

  3. The use of alcohol, drugs, weapons, fireworks, and offensive language is strictly prohibited. 

  4. Place all trash in appropriate cans. Facility trash is to be taken to dumpster at EC prior to checkout. 

  5. In matters of dress, MODESTY must prevail. Halter tops, short shorts, etc. will not be allowed. Shirts are to be worn at all times.

  6. Girls must wear a shirt over swimsuits. Boy's swimsuits must be proper length and tightness, no speedos or basketball shorts. They must be swimming shorts with an inner liner. 

  7. Lifejackets are MANDATORY while swimming in any area; we encourage you to bring your own personal lifejacket. 

  8. You must have ADULT SUPERVISION on 5k course, zip lines and swimming. 

  9. Please do not deface camp property. It's your camp too; help keep it looking nice. Intentional damage or damage due to unnecessary carelessness will result in the camper being charged for damages, this includes but not limited to moving beds/ furniture, writing or putting stickers on walls/beds. 

  10. Food is not allowed in the house/cabin bedrooms at any time.

  11. Do not assume anything, it is okay to ask, this goes for staff and students.

  12. Playground lights out at 10:30 pm.

  13. NO ATV"S.

  14. Armbands must be worn at all times

  15. If you break something please report it, so it can be fixed before it becomes a safety issue.

  16. Camp fires are limited to fire rings and outdoor fireplaces, which are not to be moved. BONFIRES must be approved. 

  17. Every group must fill out a waiver of liability to cover the entire group. 

  18. Groups must have and present a copy of their general liability and/or camp insurance policy. 


**Anyone willfully breaking rules will be mandated to leave with NO REFUND.

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